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For your better sleeping
Home Bedroom, Hotel Bedroom 
and Apartment Bedroom
To comfort your sleep, we provide you the generous design with the good quality beds to decoration your sleep areas. You can also make your designs to be rezlized with our proffesional production team.
Dining Room, Restaurant and Hotel
You can choose deffierent sizes with diffierent materail of them. Even you can tell me your designs and we can work them out.
Living Room, Hotel, Coffee Shop 
and Rest Places
After such a long day of work/trip, when you arrive home/hotel/coffee shop etc, our verious style of Sofa provid you a comfortable place to have a good rest. You can also make your designs to be rezlized with our proffesional production team.
Outdoor Chairs and Tables
Outdoor chairs and tables are resistant, light and colourful. Essential and versatile, they are suited to all kinds of outdoor spaces, from gardens to restaurant patios, beach and poolside bars.
Years of experience
A team of 500 people
Professional persons
Over 40 countries and areas
Excellent Furniture Manufacturer
SUNLINK, a group since 1987, focus on furniture industry over 30 years. Experienced enough for furniture business and manufacture but still increasing,
as a main leader for furniture industry in Southern China.
Discover What 
Makes Each Seating Collection Unique
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Elevate Comfort with Stylish and Durable Dining Chairs

When it comes to enhancing the dining experience, the importance of comfortable, stylish, and durable dining chairs cannot be overstated. The perfect dining chairs not only complement your dining room's aesthetics but also offer the comfort needed for long, enjoyable meals with family and friends. I

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How to Choose Dining Room Sets for Every Occasion?

Choosing the perfect dining room sets for every occasion can transform any meal into a special event. Whether it's a casual breakfast, a family dinner, or a sophisticated gathering, the right dining room set not only complements your home's decor but also enhances the dining experience. This guide w

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How To Mix And Match Dining Room Chairs?

Mixing and matching dining room chairs is a creative way to add personality and style to your dining space. This design trend allows for flexibility and uniqueness, breaking away from traditional uniform dining sets. Whether you're looking for a subtle update or a complete makeover, this guide will

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