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What do you know about outdoor chairs?

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What do you know about outdoor chairs?

What are outdoor dining tables and chairs? More and more people like to go outdoors, and outdoor picnics are the main form of parent-child activities. Many families now take their relatives and family members to have a picnic outdoors during the holidays. A must for a picnic is an outdoor table and chairs.

What materials can we choose for outdoor chairs?

What steps are included in the production process of outdoor chairs?

What is the different connection ways of different outdoor chair?

What materials can we choose for outdoor chairs?

Outdoor wrought iron dining chairs: Of course, wrought iron outdoor chairs are not made of iron, but are made of alloys with excellent corrosion resistance, which is also one of the materials often used to make outdoor dining tables and chairs. The metal surfaces used in outdoor dining tables and chairs are generally made of aluminum or treated with baking paint. The load-bearing material is internal metal, and the exterior is wrapped with anti-corrosion materials. It is not only beautiful in appearance, but also durable. It is very suitable for making outdoor chairs. However, if the restaurant purchases outdoor wrought iron outdoor chairs, it is necessary to pay special attention to the rust prevention and maintenance of the connecting parts of the tables and chairs, such as the screw positions, because these positions are the most prone to rust. Once the wrought iron dining table and chairs start to rust, it is not far from the complete damage to the entire outdoor chair.

What steps are included in the production process of outdoor chairs?

1. Drying

The outdoor chairs are made of high-quality wood, and the wood is first baked in a kiln at a temperature of about 70 degrees for more than 15 days. To sterilize and remove insects, and at the same time, the moisture in the wood is reduced to below 10 degrees to prevent deformation during use.

2. Soak

The outdoor chair is soaked in imported outdoor oil, and the grease penetrates deep into the wood for maximum protection.

3. Surface treatment

The aluminum alloy is stamped and formed, with little welding, and the castings are made of cold galvanized paint. The steel parts are treated with electrolytic galvanizing, which will not oxidize, fade or rust. The stainless-steel parts are made of 304 material, which is stainless and not oxidized and beautiful.

What are the different connection ways of different outdoor chair?

Solid wood outdoor chairs are generally fixed by tenon, which is beautiful and durable. the furniture generally adopts this method, but it needs good woodworking skills to make it look good, and some places are also fixed with screws.

Metal outdoor chairs are generally connected and fixed by welding, and they are also fixed by screws. The choice of outdoor furniture should be coarse and fine. We are generally more careful when choosing indoor furniture, but the choice of outdoor furniture is a combination of thickness and fineness.

The demand for outdoor chair is also growing. Sunlink Group Co., Ltd. has been committed to providing customers with the best quality outdoor chair for many years.

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